MASTER EKO3 240 Volt 2.8 kW Electric Fan Heater

Removes Or Deactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Bugs & Toxic Chemicals
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Pre-Orders Now Being Taken - Available June 2020

Deactivates: Coronavirus, E-Coli, Salmonella, MRSA & Many Others.

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Product Description:

The best way to disinfect a room or any enclosed areas as proven by science is HEAT. In fact, heat can penetrate deeply into the area, efficiently Killing Bacteria, Deactivating Viruses, Bug Disinfection and Removing Toxic Chemicals from buildings.

The EKO 3 & EKO 9 Electric Fan Heater can be used in many other applications such as: Most Forms Of Transport, Welfare Units, Outdoor Tents & Marquees, Hospitals, Hotels, Food Containers and many more.

Other Benefits:

Using Heat Comes With Numerous Other Benefits:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Simple Setup Procedure
  • No Subsequently Cleaning Required
  • No Risk Of Chemical Pollution and/or Allergic Reactions
  • Much More Efficient Than Any Other Known Alternative

How It Works:

The device works on the principle of forced convection. The air flow is forced by a fan. Cold air is drawn at the bottom side of the unit. Then it flows through the electrical resistance and receives heat. The heated air is expelled at the top side of the heater. The device has a thermostat for the regulation of temperatures ranged 0-60°C. The unit area is equipped with thermal protection including a reset. The unit features: ventilation, heating at full power, external connection with digital thermostat. The device has a cooling thermostat. The increasing temperature is 16°C

An effective disinfection requires high temperatures. But to avoid thermal shock to the room and the objects in it, the temperature needs to be increased smoothly. Master's purpose-built EKO heaters do just that.
Most other heaters on the market are incapable of reaching these high temperatures smoothly and are therefore unfit for thermal disinfection. The temperature of the air flowing through is increased in amounts of 15°C each time. 20°C->35°C ->50°C- 70°C. The big air flow allows a fast increase and an even temperature distribution. This solution avoids temperature shocks, which would let insects run away.The high air flow quickly mixes the air in the room allowing to heat everywhere


  • Compact and lightweight
  • EKO 3 delivers 800 m3/h of hot air using only 2.8 kW at 240 Volt (single phase)
  • Connection to the external digital remote thermostat THK, specific for this application, included in the package
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Motor with thermal protection and intervention
  • The Master EKO is placed inside the room and recirculates the air increasing the temperature by 15°C at a time
  • Compatible with Master IMCS remote monitoring and documentation device.


Heating Power: 2.8 kW, 11,260 Btu/h, 2,866 kcal/h
Air Flow 800 m3/h
Power Supply: 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Rated Current:12.4 A
Remote Thermostat:Digital
Heating Elements: 2 x 1400 Watt
Thermal Protection: 90 Degrees
Cooling Thermostat: 60 Degress
Automatic Reset Thermostat: 75 Degress
Fan Size: 250mm
Noise Level: 55 dBa
Product Size:L:455 x W:440 x H:600mm
Weight: 19kg
EKO 3 has a power limited to 2.8 kW. EKO 3 alone will not be able to heat a standard room. EKO 3 is designed to be used in very small spaces or as a support to an EKO 9
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