Become An Official Lifan Ecobike Dealer and Lead The Way Retailing The Latest Innovation From World Famous Lifan

Luxury affordable (Lithium-ion battery) ECO bikes are gearing up to hit the UK market by storm, to meet the ever growing demand for affordable non-emissions transport. Distributed by Lifan’s Official UK Distributor HSC MSC. 

Enjoy free point of sale, lead generation and financial support, not to mention some great returns on investment with Introductory Official Dealer Deals.

As we are all aware hybrid, electric and eco-friendly commuting is not just a fad, it is the future. Lifan’s research and development teams are bringing their products to the forefront of this revolution and we are more than pleased that Lifan have expanded their partnership with us for this exciting new adventure.

With increasing pressure on officials to lower admissions and millennial’s looking for eco-friendly products, Lifan’s Eco bikes are becoming a hot product for 2018. Offering city style in a cost effective package.

HSC MSC are looking for Official UK dealers who will be fully supported by both the manufacture and distributor. There are some exclusive introductory offers available, providing amazing ROI opportunity.Learn more and discover the full range or contact us for more information, or simply call 01905 763027 and ask to speak to John or Clive Official Lifan UK distributors

Alternately fill in the form below for additional information and we will give you a friendly no obligation call to answer any question you many have. HSC MSC can also arrange a bike demo with one of our team members, so you can see how awesome these Ecobikes really are and their potential in your local town and city.

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