Official Lifan UK Distributors

Lifan Ecobike Official UK Distributors

Introducing the the latest innovation from world famous Lifan. The Lifan Ecobike makes city commuting Fun, Free and Fresh. Delivering style, sophistication and quality. Not to mention the low maintenance and zero fuel requirement, making these bikes the smart eco-friendly choice of the future. Powered by a lithium ion battery that can be charged at any standard power point.

Providing stability, comfort and safety, the Lifan Ecobike has a streamlined base body, powerful front and rear disc brakes, and a light-net weight of just 72kg, making it easy to manoeuvre and park. Awesome fresh modern looks, angular lines and ultra-modern matt and gloss paintwork available in six fabulous colour options to suit any personality.

Lifan Ecobike Features

Lifan Luxury Supplied As Standard

This superb Ecobike is powered by the latest Lithium-ion Battery. Capable of achieving in excess of 40 miles per charge, producing no carbon emissions, making riding around the city, or commuting to work and back, extremely efficient and fun. Ideal size and weight to pop into your camper van or motor home, making the perfect additional vehicle. 

LCD DIGITAL DASHBOARD | The clear LCD digital dashboard clearly shows speed, mileage and battery capacity instantly in four different colour options.

CRUISE CONTROL | Maintain a steady constant speed at the push of a button.

ICONIC LCD LIGHTS | Providing clear bright Panasonic vision in the darkest of environments using minimal energy.

SAFEGUARD CHARGING | The Ecobike has two charging options: a concealed charging port hidden under the seat,in addition to the option to easily and safely remove the battery and simply charge indoors (as simply as charging your phone)



Developed with BOSCH expertise and experience providing an energy efficiency ratio of 92%. The high performance electric motor quick starts the bike at 115Nm torque output, providing high efficiency and reliability.

Lifan Ecobike braking System


The Electronic Braking System shortens the braking distance and recovers kinetic energy lost during braking which is then stored for charging the battery Making the Lifan Ecobike 10% self-charging

HSC MSC Are The Official Distributors Of Lifan Ecobikes To UK Dealers

HSC MSC mission is to aid the the revolution in lowering CO2 emissions in UK towns and cities by providing an alternative eco-friendly, cost effective sophisticated city commuting solution. HSC MSC do not sell to the public however we can put you in contact with your local Official Lifan Ecobike dealer in the UK.